Looking for a surrogate mother? what is a surrogate?

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Looking for a surrogate mother? what is a surrogate?

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If you have already made your decision, there are several steps you need to follow in order to find surrogate mother and ensure she meet all the surrogate mother requirements and is the perfect match.

types of surrogacy

7 steps surrogacy guide

Step 1: Weigh your options (types of surrogacy)

You should learn about the different types of surrogacy options and decide if you want to pursue traditional surrogacy or gestational surrogacy. Also you need to find more information about what is a surrogate mother

Also, you need to choose between going independent or working with a surrogacy agency that will support you to find a surrogate mother.

Step 2: Understand the legal regulation Research the law

Surrogacy laws change from country to country, even province to province or state to state. You need to understand the local surrogacy regulation.

Step 3: Talk It over

Talk with your family and friends; you will need their support during your surrogacy journey. Also, in some case, thanks to the mouth to mouth, they can help you to find surrogate mother.

Step 4: Talk to surrogacy specialists

If you decide to work with an agency, the first step is to make a thoughtfully research for surrogacy agency options. It’s important you feel comfortable with their modus operandi, reputation and values before you retain one.

Using an agency can have several advantages but also disadvantages (like the cost). In general, agencies have handled over hundreds of surrogacy process and are aware of main problems, they can support and advise you during the whole process… but it’s also possible to pursue surrogacy on your own.  This decision will impact the in the cost of surrogacy

Step 5: Look for lawyers and take legal advice

You should get legal advice regarding surrogacy laws and learn about the legal implications of the different types of surrogacy agreements, but also you would need a family/surrogacy lawyer to draft the surrogacy contract.

Step 6: Choose your IVF clinic

Get in contact with your fertility clinic to learn about the medical requirements for you and your surrogate.

Also, you need to know that surrogacy success rates are highly influenced by the fertility clinic you will choose, the fertility history of the gestational carrier and the quality of the embryo transferred.

Step 7: Choosing the surrogate: surrogate mother requirements

When you choose a surrogate, there are some specific characteristics to look for while choosing a surrogate mother (age, previous healthy pregnancy, BMI, healthy life style, etc.). In this link you can find out more info about the surrogate mother requirements

surrogate mother requirements

7 tips to find surrogate mother

Some Tips to remember while you search for surrogate mother:

1-      Be as honest as possible with the surrogate mother during the matching process

2-      Ask as many questions as possible regarding the surrogate mother requirements and type of surrogacy you want to pursue

3-      There are no silly questions during the matching process.

4-      Discuss about type of contact you want to have during and after the pregnancy. You can have as much or as little contact as both parties (Intended parents and surrogate mother) are comfortable with.

5-      Ensure you feel comfortable with her

6-      She will need to pass a psychological and medical screening to ensure that she is emotional and psychically prepared for the surrogacy journey

7-      She needs to agree to signs a surrogacy contract about her role and responsibilities during this process.

surrogate mother

The decision to become parents via surrogacy needs to be thought carefully but can be influenced by a diversity of situations limiting your ability to create a family, such as infertility, medical problems, same sex couples or single people. Whatever is the reason before moving forward with your surrogacy journey you must be 100% surrogacy is the right option for you.


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