Estimated cost of surrogacy

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surrogate mother cost

Estimated cost of surrogacy

What is the estimated cost of surrogacy you can you expect in your surrogacy journey?

Below is a breakdown of the main surrogacy costs types associated with surrogacy. When you look at it line by line you can see where you can perhaps save money and where you may not have any control over the cost.

surrogacy cost

Agency Fee:

Surrogacy agency charges vary depending on their size and experience and is usually paid when the agency agreement is signed.

The agency fee normally comprises:

  • Administrative fees
  • Finding and pre-screening the surrogate mother
  • Pre- Screening an egg donor (if needed)


surrogate mother cost

Surrogate Mother Cost:

The surrogate mother costs varies depending on:

  • her previous surrogacy experience
  • if she will carry twins
  • if a C-section is needed
  • additional cost like life insurance, embryo transfer fee, maternity clothes

Normally an escrow account is created to and paid to the manage the surrogate mother cost. Money is usually not paid directly by the intended parents to the surrogate mother.

Legal Fees:

The legal fees could include.

  • Legal agreement between the surrogacy agency and the intended parent.
  • Legal agreement between the fertility attorney and intended parents
  • Management of the escrow account
  • Legal paperwork related to the “declaration of parentage” before or after the birth depending on the country
  • Review of state surrogacy regulation

Medical fees:

  • Fertility medications
  • IVF cycle, egg retrieval and fertilization
  • Embryo transfer:


cost of surrogacy

Other Variable Surrogacy Costs:

In addition to the average surrogate mother cost, agency, legal and medical fees, your surrogacy cost can increase in some cases. Take in consideration the following points to calculate your cost of surrogacy:

  • Health insurance for the surrogate mother that covers surrogate pregnancies
  • Newborn health insurance if IPs insurance does not cover it
  • If an egg donor is needed, all the cost related to this process (find egg donor, screening, medical treatment)
  • If a sperm donor is needed, all the cost related to this process (find egg donor, screening, medical treatment)
  • Several IVF treatments if the first transfer fails
  • Travel and hotel costs for intended parents and surrogate
  • Lost wages for your surrogate if bed rest is requested by a doctor
  • Child care and housekeeping costs if your surrogate mother is put on bed rest

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